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BEAM - CA, LLC is a company specialized in the development, fabrication, and testing of   nanoelectronic components for application in memory, logic and sensor devices. Our mission is to bring new products to the  market by creating and investigating multifunctional materials and systems.  BEAM - CA is open for collaboration with companies and non-profit organizations.   We endeavor to form associations for the purpose of mutual gain and profit.  Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  We treat all clients with profound respect and protecting their confidentiality.                                 



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Multiferroic Memory

May 12, 2016

Multiferroic materials hold great potential for application in memory devices. Multiferroic materials simultaneously show ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity. The intrinsic coupling among the electric and magnetic polarizations allows switching of the ferroelectric state with a magnetic field and vice versa. The great appeal of multiferroics is that they offer the possibility of combining the best qualities of ferroelectric random access memories (FeRAMs) and magnetic random access memories (MRAMs): fast low-power electrical write operation, non-destructive magnetic read operation, and non-volatile data storage. Our team is developing novel types of magnetic memory aimed to benefit from multiferroic materials.

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Magnetic templates for bio-medical applications

June 09, 2016

There is an urgent need in efficient and multifunctional instruments for a variety of bio- and medical applications.  The market encompasses a plethora of research-focused technologies, from basic laboratory Petri dishes to ultra-automated robotics for high-content screening. We are developing a new type of instrument for cell-based assays based on the micro electro-magnetic templates with magnetic nanoparticles. In this approach, biological cells are manipulated (e.g. moved, collected, destroyed) by the flow of magnetic nanoparticles, which, in turn, is guided by magnetic field. It allowed us to achieve a micrometer precision combined with an automated control.  

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Double Tap Raman Spectroscopy Technique for In Situ Frozen Food Quality Monitoring

January 05, 2017

 ​Food fraud has emerged as one of the nation public health threats. Food fraud is a collective term used to encompass the deliberate and intentional substitution, addition, tampering, or misrepresentation of food, food ingredients, or food packaging; or false or misleading statements made about a product for economic gain. BEAM - CA  teaming up with Professor A. Balandin University of California Riverside (UCR) has developed a novel Double Tap Raman Spectroscopy Technique for Frozen Food Quality Monitoring. This technique allows us to identify the ingredients of the product (e.g. the type of fish), conclude on the ice content, and reveal the presence of food contamination (e.g. heavy metals). The proposed technique is based on the effect of micro heating in the small sample volume irradiated by the laser beam. 

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